Company Overview

SES Government Solutions has provided bandwidth, end-to-end satellite communications solutions, and hosted payload opportunities to the U.S. Government and the military for more than 40 years.

When SES Government Solutions primes an effort, performance is assured, and risk diminished. 
Our team capitalizes on customer satisfaction, industry-leading performance, and sensitivity to requirements no matter how simple or complex the task. 

With more than 70 satellites in orbit covering 99 percent of the world’s population and a robust satellite schedule that includes an average of 3-4 satellite launches per year – SES Government Solutions ensures future capacity and an abundance of hosted payload opportunities in the years ahead.

Our Vision

Be the leading provider of commercial satellite communication solutions to the U.S. Government.

Our Mission

Provide our U.S. Government customers with superior satellite communications, hosted payloads, and end-to-end solutions to meet their mission critical needs.

Bandwidth & Capacity

SES Government Solutions provides secure high throughput, low-latency satellite communication solutions to the U.S. Government and military wherever the mission takes them. With global coverage, users can access reliable connectivity across land, air, and sea domains.


We’re entering a new space age. This time, private companies are leading the way with cutting-edge advancements in space launch, satellite communications, on-orbit servicing, and satellite sensing. This is truly one of the most exciting times to work in the space and satellite industry.

If you’re interested in joining the leading provider of innovative satellite communications solutions and services to the United States government and military, we’d like to speak with you.

Company Summary
SES-Government Solutions
Number of Employees
(703) 610-1000
11790 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA