Company Overview
We attribute our success to effectively building strategic partnerships with our Customers and making ourselves and our expertise available 24/7. We are proud to be employee owned, and because we are quality driven, each of us has an important stake in what is delivered to our Customers.

Our Mission

To set the standards of performance in the Electrical Construction Industry by delivering unparalleled service and value to our customers.

Our Core Values


We believe what we do as an individual, as a Company or as members of a project team affects others. Therefore, we strive for an environment that challenges and empowers people to be their best, to work safely, and to respect one another.


We believe the quality of our work will represent us for years to come. We take pride in what we build.


We believe that people will do business with companies that meet their needs and provide solid, long-term customer service. The profitability of our organization and the return to shareholders will come from this relationship-based business.


We believe our innovation separates us from our competitors. Entrepreneurial ideas are encouraged, promoted, and implemented. We set the standards.


We believe that we cannot achieve our mission, nor the Company's other core values, if we do not act with the utmost honesty and integrity in our dealings with our customers, vendors and each other.

Our Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code of Ethics ("Code") is to memorialize the highest ethical standards that have been the hallmark of the operation of Rosendin Electric's business for over 90 years, and to help us maintain such standards in the operation of our business in the future such that the company will continue to thrive and prosper.

The Code embodies Rosendin's policies regarding individual responsibilities toward one another as well as the company's responsibilities to owners (both private and public), other contractors as well as others in the community. Central to the Code is Rosendin Electric's commitment that it and all of its employees comply with all applicable laws and regulations in every jurisdiction in which the company performs its business activities. The Code applies to all employees of the company, including members of the management team.

Rosendin has put in place a Business and Ethics Compliance Program, including an Ethics Hotline, the objective of which is to prevent unethical or unlawful behavior or violations of the Code, to detect such behavior or violations as soon as possible if they do occur, and to take appropriate corrective action immediately in such instances.
Company Summary
Number of Employees
(408) 286-2800
880 Mabury Road
San Jose, CA