Company Overview

Organize data. Discover the truth. Act on it.
That is our mission at Relativity and we help the world do it every day.

Data volumes are rising, and new information sources are popping up every day. Finding the truth buried in it all can be nearly impossible. That's why we created RelativityOne, a powerful and easy-to-use SaaS solution for big-time legal challenges.

Our People & Values

We are engineers, businesspeople, creatives, or as we like to call ourselves, Relativians. We work together to provide top notch support for our customers and each other. Relativity has team members spread across four continents. We come from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds, skills, and lifestyles. But, together, we’re unified by our mission to help customers organize data, discover the truth, and act on it.

At Relativity, the stories that make you are the stories that make us. We’re comedians, advocates, parents, and so much more. Get to know the people behind the product.

What We Value
We strive to be a company where everyone is excited to come to work and has the support they need to bring their best. Our core values ensure we deliver on that. They’re the blueprint for how we lead our lives – both in and out of the workplace.

  • Be an Excellent Communicator. We value clear and concise communication, great listening skills, and honesty. We want you to say what you believe and ask and answer questions directly.
  • Exceed the Expectations of Our Customers and Our Colleagues. Outstanding customer support is the cornerstone of our business. We’re meticulous with our customers and each other, no matter how small the task.
  • Hold Yourself and Your Colleagues Accountable. We’re dependable, but also empathetic. We all make mistakes. Let’s own them, together.
  • Be Humble and Stay Hungry. We value confidence, not arrogance. See an opportunity to grow your career? We’ll help you go for it.
  • Do More with Less. We’re efficient with both time and resources. Productive meetings and constant process improvement help ensure we’re doing our best.
  • Enjoy and Be Great at Your Job. We take pride in doing great work, because we love it. But, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Life’s too short for that.
  • Embrace the Talents of Your Colleagues and Our Customers. At Relativity, we want you to be you. We know that our differences are our greatest strength, and everyone should feel empowered to share their unique perspective from day one. That’s how great ideas – and happy teams – thrive.

We Are Relativity.

Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging

We’re building a company where everyone feels welcome – no matter where you’re from, who you love, or how you move through life. At Relativity, you belong.

Relativity does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. We do not accept unfair treatment of any person or group of people. We’re committed to advocating for change to make our world a more inclusive, just place.

We believe when inclusion, diversity, and belonging come together, our team around the world can do amazing things and build a brighter future. We need all three to truly shine. Here's what ID&B means to us.

You are welcome and part of the group. You’re seen, heard, and treated fairly.

We embrace everything that makes you unique – race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and experience. All the stuff you can and cannot see.

We foster that feeling of comfort and trust, where you can be your authentic self – and thrive as you. That's where the magic happens.

How We're Creating Change

We want people from all walks of life to thrive – together. But getting it right takes more than just talk. That’s why ID&B is part of our fabric, from how we hire to how we build a culture that we’re all proud of.

We Hire Inclusively.
Hiring inclusively means being proactive – and consistent. We build our talent pipeline from a diverse source of channels and actively reach out to underrepresented groups. We also work hard to create a fair interview process and a comfortable experience for all our candidates.

We Help Everyone Grow.
We know that in the outside world, talent is distributed equally, but opportunity isn’t. We're transparent and honest about career paths, have checks and balances in place to eliminate bias, and make sure that everyone has what they need to crush it in their role and build the career of their dreams.

We Live Inclusion & Belonging.
At Relativity, you can be you – because we have your back. ID&B is embedded into our fabric. You’ll find it in our policies and benefits. You’ll see it in our values and leadership style. And you’ll feel it in our culture – a community where everyone feels comfortable, safe, and free to be themselves.

Relativity Careers

Relativity is a growing, global team on a mission to help customers discover the truth in their data. We're tackling challenges in legal tech, data privacy, and security – while ensuring an exceptional customer experience. If you want to shape an evolving industry at the forefront of innovation and transformation, you’ll love working at Relativity.

A Place Where Everyone Belongs

  • True Growth- Transform the trajectory of your career.
  • True Impact- Influence and shape your communities.
  • True You-Be valued as an individual shaping an industry.
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