Company Overview

About Us

Lifesprk was founded in 2004, but its history has deeper roots. Several of Lifesprk’s leaders worked together for more than 10 years prior to launching Lifesprk, which was originally known as AgeWell, in the Twin Cities market.

Frustrated by the fact that existing health and senior services didn’t go far enough to address the root issues that prevented people from living life on their terms – what Lifesprk calls a ‘sparked life’ – they set out to change that.

The goal: to create a new model of support that uses a whole-person approach to senior care that helps people build a pathway to their goals – whatever those goals may be, and to provide the guidance, support, and resources seniors need to handle or prevent anything that may get in their way.


Our Team

Committed to Sparking Lives

“They say culture trumps strategy, I believe culture is strategy” – Joel Theisen, RN, CEO/Founder of Lifesprk

Lifesprk’s mission of sparking lives starts with our people. We know from experience that employees who aren’t engaged or don’t believe in the mission of our company can’t share their passion with each other or our clients. If that doesn’t happen, our clients’ lives can’t be sparked, and neither can our team’s. At Lifesprk, we devote just as much time nurturing our team as we do nurturing our clients, strategic partners and referral sources.

Our Leadership team has almost 200 years of combined experience in home and senior care. Our industry is highly volatile and uncertain with tremendous operational demands. Culture and leadership have been at the center of Lifesprk and all we do since our inception as an organization in 2004. The importance of our people and our organizational culture has been built into our mission and values.


Our Passion

People. Passion. Purpose.

Life is what you make of it. That’s why Lifesprk has made it our mission to help seniors make the most of theirs. We put everything we have – our people, passion and purpose – into delivering the very best care and advocacy with state-of-the-art solutions to help seniors live a “sparked life.”

“We are not a basic franchise personal care model, but a leader in customizing the right long-term solution for you.”
– Joel Theisen, Lifesprk Founder & CEO


Mission, Vision & Values

At Lifesprk, we’re passionate about helping you age magnificently. Wherever you are on your life journey, our proactive, preventive, whole-person approach can help you live a happier, healthier, more independent life, wherever you call home. It’s what we call living “a sparked life.”

Lifesprk’s full continuum of home- and community-based services and support go beyond typical care to address all of your needs and desires—not just your medical concerns. Using this unique approach, we’ve dramatically reduced ER and hospital visits, lowered long-term healthcare costs, and provided greater peace of mind for more than 36,000 seniors and their families since 2004.


To spark lives and empower everyone to age magnificently.


Improve the health, wellbeing, and life experience of seniors and their families, leading to greater independence, lower healthcare costs, and more fulfilling lives.


  • Seek the spark
  • Honesty and good intentions
  • Invested entrepreneurs
  • Nothing is impossible
  • Exceed expectations

Our Approach

Through over two decades of home care experience, Lifesprk’s leaders saw first-hand the life challenges that people encountered beyond the physical ones. Social support. Home and safety. The desire to live with purpose and passion every day, no matter how a person’s life changed. They quickly recognized that premium home care is just the beginning. To live a sparked life, people need a broader range of support and guidance across all 7 Essential Elements of Wellbeing that helps them wherever they call home and regardless of their life situation.

That’s why the Lifesprk team developed their innovative approach. Find out more about the unique Lifesprk Experience™, the Life Care Managers who are at the heart of our model, and our 7 Elements of Wellbeing.

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